“Grooming shouldn’t be a stressful experience. Every dog should love a day at the spa as much as we do.”

Gwen Meyer. Owner

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  Full Grooming Bath & Brush Salon Bath
Relaxing Bath
Blow Dry
Nail Trimming  
5 Minute Massage  
Ears Cleaned  
Haircut of your request    
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Nail Trims & Nail Files.

No appointment necessary!
Almost always there is a team member available to perform this service so please give us a call at 815.623.9999 to double check before making the trip out. See you soon!

The Spa Package They Deserve:

Ultimate Spa Treatment


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Signature Spa


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Essential Spa


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Happy & Healthy:



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Nail File


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Anal Glands


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For When They Need It:



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Flea Bath


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